Tradition is the life's blood of the Hasidic Jewish community in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. But that tradition can also be suffocating.

A new play by Miki Bone, Division Avenue, explores the gap between identity and ideals. This funny, provocative play tells the story of Ephraim, a widowed Hasidic man, who seeks out a new world beyond Williamsburg only to find himself caught by the new technology of cell phone tracking. The action of the play unfolds amidst a legal battle over the removal of bicycle pathways of Williamsburg that pits the ultra-orthodox Hasidim against yuppies and hipsters. As Ephraim tries to help his parents confront the encroachment of the modern world on their religious sanctuary, he must conceal his own efforts to break free of tradition and seek a new life and a new love in the outside world.

Best Play Midtown International Theatre Festival
(plus 8 other awards including Best Production, Best Direction)
Named of the top NYC cultural events of 2013 - Jewish Weekly
One of the top new plays of 2013 by TheatreJones


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